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Square Crypto wants to make Bitcoin wallets more user-friendly

Posted on 11. November 2020 in Bitcoin

The subsidiary recently awarded a concession to a developer to make crypto portfolios more accessible to all

The crypto wallet will offer newcomers ease of use and will also help increase the adoption of cryptomyces. The company posted the news via Twitter, revealing that Maggie Valentine, a designer of the startup blockchain she256, was the beneficiary of the donation. The result of the project will be published in the Bitcoin Design Guide in ‘Best Practice’.

The ad posted by the company said: “Square Crypto is offering grants this year. By the way, this goes to Maggie Valentine (@magglevalentine), a designer who works to simplify portfolio integration flows by reducing technical jargon and increasing user education”.

Valentine has the task of researching the usability of Bitcoin by even the most basic user. She will also explore the complexity involved in the user experience with portfolios.

An excerpt from her proposal to Square says: “… The current state of products and experiences within this industry creates strong barriers to entry; portfolio integration flows are often saturated with technical jargon, unknown user concepts, and little or no education. Unless they have technical training, users are often prevented from reaping the benefits this technology has to offer”.

Valentine highlighted private keys and seed phrases as the main obstacles for potential investors who do not understand crypto. The grant will help her investigate the general behavior of users with respect to the above-mentioned elements, which are crucial for the non-custodial storage of Bitcoin.

The project thesis is based on Valentine’s previous work with Celo, an open platform whose goal is to establish a financial system that will ensure the prosperity of each individual. Valentine worked as a product design intern at Celo between June and September.

The previous concession granted by Square Crypto (for Riccardo Cassata) was announced on 23 October – about a week before the current one. The concessions demonstrate Square’s effort to promote wider adoption of crypto, particularly Bitcoin.

Square is headed by Twitter CEO and Bitcoin advocate Jack Dorsey. Last month, Square announced that it invested $50 million in cryptomoeda by acquiring 4,709 BTC.